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Parade day: Time to celebrate!

It’s parade day today! Be sure you dress up and get styled out.

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Stanley Cup Finals Game 6 Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post

It’s time. Later this morning, the Stanley Cup will be making its journey through Downtown Denver with all of the members of the Colorado Avalanche community. From players to staff to media to the hundreds of thousands of fans expected to be down there, it will be a party atmosphere all day long.

How can you not be dressed for the occasion today? In case you aren’t, our friends at BreakingT are here to fulfill your needs. It’s only necessary to celebrate and represent the Avs championship run in style.

These shirts are just part of the memories made by the Avs in this postseason run. All of the designs above come in various sizes and can be in a shirt or hoodie version starting as low as $26. They even have a couple of variations of these as mugs as well.

It’s time to party like it is 2001, as this shirt says below. This design also starts as low as $26 and fits the theme very well of course. You can find this, all the designs above, and several more Avalanche products from BreakingT here. While the summer may be long before we see the Stanley Cup Champions back on the ice, we can at least show off and celebrate in style all summer long.