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Cup Travels: Crossing the Pond

Following the Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup tour and celebrations.

Reception for Stanley Cup winner Nico Sturm Photo by Christian Kolbert/picture alliance via Getty Images

Before departing for a trip across the Atlantic Ocean the Stanley Cup made one final stop stateside at the offseason home of Jared Bednar in Charleston, South Carolina. There he took the Cup to the rink of the ECHL’s South Carolina Stingrays where he spent 15 seasons as a player and coach. Then the Cup got out on the water for a boat ride and retired for the evening at a private party.

Bednar will have one more day with the Cup upcoming once it returns to North America in his hometown of Humboldt, Saskatchewan for his annual golf tournament in honor and support of the Humboldt Broncos.

Pavel Francouz was the first in Europe to have a day with the Cup. He started off with a parade in his hometown of Pilsen in the Czech Republic with a gathering in the square of a brewery and then drank beer out of the Cup.

The Cup then traveled north to Augsburg, Germany for a celebration with now San Jose Sharks forward Nico Sturm. He had the Cup at town hall and then planned a private party to enjoy the festivities in the evening.

The Stanley Cup is expected to travel northward to Sweden and Finland in the coming week.