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Avalanche 2022-23 preseason schedule released

The team has to get back to work eventually.

NHL: JUN 24 Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 - Lightning at Avalanche Photo by Mark Stahl/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As the Stanley Cup celebrations continue preparations for the 2022-23 are already underway. The Colorado Avalanche will be back on ice before we know it as they just released their preseason schedule and the expectation is the entirety of the regular season schedule reveal is just around the corner.

It is interesting the Avalanche are bringing back the split squad games, which they haven’t done in many years. This apparently is to reach the six-game preseason requirement set by the NHL. Also, it is pretty early into training camp for not only the first game but the bulk of the schedule which means a lot of early cuts. There are a lot of breaks in the schedule, a four-day rest after the fourth game and what might be an entire week before opening night as the season is expected to kick off around October 11th.