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Cup Travels: The Finnish Line

Following the Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup tour and celebrations.

Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Championship Parade and Celebration Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

After visiting Sweden, the Stanley Cup headed east for two celebrations in Finland. First up was Colorado Avalanche forward Artturi Lehkonen. There he kept his celebrations small with a trip to a community rink in Turku, then to the gym where he trains and of course, the Cup got to experience an authentic Finnish sauna.

Lehkonen wrapped up his day with the Cup on a boat ride where Mikko Rantanen joined in the festivities. Since Rantanen’s day with Cup followed maybe it was an official handoff.

In Mikko Rantanen’s hometown of Nousiainen, Finland there was a larger celebration where Rantanen chose to carry the Cup in on a fire truck and then held a public rally showing off the famous trophy.

The day started off with Mikko eating some type of local breakfast out of the Cup but then also letting the family pooch have a taste. As per usual, the mornings were a family affair before a community celebration and then a private party with some live music by the water later on.

The Stanley Cup will be back in Canada starting this weekend with Darcy Kuemper’s celebration in Saskatoon.