Making Mack's Next Contract Work

Money will obviously get pretty tight next year once Nate's extension begins but it's still manageable and we won't necessarily need to trade Sammy G. This is with the assumption that Byram and Newhook sign bridge contracts plus some lineup holes get filled internally, especially on the 3rd line. Getting EJ back on a veteran minimum would be huge and I think we can convince solid depth players to take a discount to sign with a cup favorite. Penciled in Nieto out of familiarity and Johansson could be a good fit but there's obviously plenty of unknowns with next year's free agency class.

The next big crunch will be once Toews contract ends and some hard decisions will need to get made. Maybe we'll be able to sign a 4th liner who can fight and not be a liability by then but that'd only leave ~2.5M on the table with a roster of 20. Anyways will have to cross that bridge when we get there.

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