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Entering a new era at Mile High Hockey

There is going to be a slight change in management starting this season.

2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Two Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Back in March, we announced that there will be a new leadership group at Mile High Hockey, with the aim of consistency and reliability from your favorite Colorado Avalanche blog. Now, with the 2022-23 season around the corner, we are going to make one small announcement regarding that leadership group.

Thomas Williams joined us as an interim site manager, to calm the seas and plan for a bright future for MHH. And with guidance through the last half of the regular season and through a playoff run that ended with the Avalanche being crowned Stanley Cup champions, he will now be moving back to his other roles at other parts of SB Nation.

With that, comes good and exciting news. We are pleased to announce that Evan Liu will be taking over as site manager! Evan will continue to bring his expertise to the blog, but will now be in charge.

Along with Evan, both Adrian Hernandez and Jackie Kay will remain as deputy editors to form the incredible trio that will lead MHH from now on. We are more than excited to have this team run this blog and hope for a back-to-back championship run!

Hello Avs faithful! Evan here, and it’s my honor to be announced as the next person in charge of running MHH. I’m grateful to several people along the way to make this next step and take this site to the next level. I have to thank Tom for originally bringing me onto the team back in October 2020 and Thomas for leading this transition beautifully to where we are today. I wouldn't be here today without them and going down this path is something I certainly wouldn’t have expected if you’d asked me two years ago, but that story is for another day. Finally, I have to thank my dad — who I know will read this — for getting me into this great sport in the first place.

A little bit about me: I am a senior at Colorado State University (CSU), an hour north of Denver (go Rams, sorry to all the Buffs readers), majoring in Political Science and minoring in Media Studies. I also do some work in CSU’s Athletics Media Department, covering the women’s soccer team and football team. As for me and my Avs fandom, it all started when I moved to Colorado as a kid in 2008. I still remember going to one of my first Avs games with my dad, against the New York Rangers, where Matt Duchene scored twice and became my favorite player.

Of course, my fandom for him aged terribly, but his trade led to better days in the last few years. It’s all been a part of building up a new team with a fresh mindset, new goals, and new ideas to lead them to glory. The Avs did it last season and are looking to do it again, while the MHH team is looking to follow their path.

Our team has several goals — both short-and-long term — I hope to accomplish with them behind me. As for the site, not much will be changing, if at all. It will be a collective team effort between the three of us and all of our writing staff. You will still be getting nearly an article a day, the same game coverage (pregame, game thread, live tweets, postgame), feature pieces, etc. However, we are looking to expand and build off of that to reach greater heights at MHH. One of the things we’ll build off of is revamping our podcast! But I’ll let Adrian tell you a little more about that.

Before I go, if you want to follow my personal account on Twitter which involves more than just talking Avs hockey (but mostly talking Avs hockey) you can here or by finding my handle @LLou1e. For now, I’ll let the other two leaders on this site say a few words themselves. Thank you, Avs faithful, for sticking with us. It’s going up from here. — Evan

As for myself and on behalf of the entire staff at MHH, we are excited to get the season going and to bring our readers the best content possible. We have some exciting things in the works, plus will keep the same coverage our community has come to expect. As a trio with Evan at the helm is exactly what we envisioned, and are really looking forward to getting things started. Thank you for all your support and as always, let us know how to make MHH even better! — Jackie

First, I’d like to congratulate Evan on a well-deserved and elevated role at Mile High Hockey. We at MHH have undergone quite the culture change over the last year and a half and are better for it! I look forward to what this team can bring to Avalanche fans for years. We are lucky to cover a team with a passionate and dedicated fan base and community. I know that Evan, Jackie, and everyone here at MHH will always strive to be an accepting and positive part of the Colorado Avalanche community!

A part of our changes is to include the introduction of a new podcast! Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements!

I want to thank our interim manager Thomas Williams for seeing us through a much-needed transition. Your guidance will not go unappreciated. — Adrian