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Jared Bednar: “I think we are gonna get our captain back”

Head coach sounds off on the captaincy debate surrounding Gabe Landeskog

Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Championship Parade and Celebration Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

For the last week or so, Avalanche fans have discussed Colorado Avalanche captain Gabe Landeskog and his relinquishing of the C in Denver. A topic started with comments from Altitude's Darren McKee after the Avalanche lost late to the Seattle Kraken.

Most fans agreed that handing the C to someone does nothing for the room. We finally have word from Jared Bednar on the subject, and he gave legitimacy to the question but also made it clear that Gabe is the Captain.

The best part about these comments? It sounds like Bednar likes what he's seen from Landeskog's recovery and is confident that Landy will be back in the room and skating this season.

It was a legitimate question.

Darren McKee caught a lot of flack for bringing this discussion to the surface, but Jared Bednar did give credence to the thought. To paraphrase, had Jared Bednar believed that Landeskog didn't have a chance at returning this season or postseason, "I think there's an argument to be made." Some might hear that comment as just a confirmation of Dmac's concerns. What I hear is evident optimism from Bednar. Confidence that Landeskog is set to return this season.

Has the timeline changed?

Before the season, we were told Landeskog hoped to return for a playoff run if the Avalanche made the cup tourney. This timeline still holds, but it depends on when Landeskog is cleared to skate. At this rate, Landeskog is walking normally, with no limp or sign of his current status. That doesn't mean much for a guy who makes a living skating, but it does indicate he should be cleared to spray some ice soon. He will be ahead of schedule if he skates sooner than the new year. The playoffs are still the goal if he is cleared in January or February. It's been so long that I think it will be sooner than we think. Here's to hoping. The other side of the timeline is if he isn't cleared to skate until March. That will make it challenging for him to get into game shape before the first round. At that rate, I think we will see him in the second round if the Avs are still playing.

What did you think of Bednar's comments, and are you optimistic about Landeskog's return?