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Opinion: The Avalanche are still Landeskog’s team

Calls for Landeskog to relinquish his captaincy have arrived far too soon.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Championship Celebration Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I listen to Altitude Radio every weekday because it feels like, at times, they offer some insight that other companies don't have. The sort of information that comes with being the entertainment wing of the company that employs the Colorado Avalanche. This morning, newly hired Darren MacKee called into the show to talk hockey with Moser, Lombardi & Kane. Dmac questioned Landeskog's captaincy, and Marc Moser wasn't having it. I'm not, either. To move on so quickly from Landeskog would be to give up on one of the franchise's stalworth players. I say see him through his attempted recovery. This is still his team.

DMac's claim was pretty simple. He argued that Colorado's lack of success on the road and inability to turn things around inside the adversity of their losses comes from not icing a captain. He argued that they don't have "one guy" to look to for leadership. When Marc Moser brought Andrew Cogliano to the table, DMac scoffed and alluded to not wanting to lean on your 4th line center for said leadership.

Marc Moser and Dmac got a little testy, with Dmac calling Mose an "emotional hockey guy." To Marc's credit, he mentioned that the letter is Landeskog's until he's done with his attempted recovery and that there are plenty of personalities and leadership characteristics to the guys currently being iced. I agree with that. Moreover, moving on from the unique and special player would be a disservice to everyone involved before knowing if he's done. Not just because he's earned the chance to rehab but also because he's such a damn good captain. Landeskog isn't just a good hockey player. He represents and epitomizes what it is to put his team first. For now, he's the best mascot in the world (no disrespect), hoping to return as the best captain again.

To turn the page on Landeskog would indeed be turning the page on an era for the Avs. It's not time yet for me.

What say you? Should Gabe Landeskog hand his captaincy over for the betterment of the team?