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Why Devon Toews’ comments will fuel the Avalanche

Devon Toews turned heads after his fiery postgame interview.

Colorado Avalanche v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Colorado Avalanche defenseman Devon Toews grabbed the attention of many both in and out of the locker room after Tuesday night’s defeat to the Chicago Blackhawks. You usually cannot find hockey players full of emotion towards the media, especially from a level-headed guy like Toews.

Hence, his comments will certainly be heard. He called out six players on the team, stating “I think we got guys who think they’re playing well and I think they’re kidding themselves at this point” to Guerilla Sports’ Jesse Montano.

He also suggests a ton of unknowns of what players are going to do on plays and a lack of team chemistry. It seems as though the team has not gelled as much as some may have hoped, including those in the locker room.

So why are all of these negative comments going to help the Avs moving forward?

While there’s no need to delve and speculate who Toews is specifically calling out, the comments as a whole are a wake-up call to the entire team, the defenseman included. Taking anger and frustrations from the ice and locker room to the media doesn’t happen often. We’ve already seen something similar this season after the Avs’ horrible 8-2 loss at home to the St. Louis Blues, which is perhaps the more concerning part of all of this: a relapse in performance and circling back to the same issues again and again.

Without an assigned leader like Gabriel Landeskog in the locker room, Toews stepped up in this instance to be heard and push this team forward. He likely wouldn’t usually be one to speak up, but in this instance, it means there needs to be changes in the locker room and style of play.

Also likely, Jared Bednar may not like these comments being made public. Frustrations between teammates will need to be fixed fast, and these comments make it more of a priority for the team to handle. Hence, don’t be surprised if the Avs host a closed-door team meeting in the coming days or weeks to address these issues.

The team has also been through similar issues as of late. Just look back to last season, when the Avs again lost to Chicago in their barn at the game 40 mark. This was a major turning point in the season which had been riddled with injury, as they had some players return to the side and they went on a streak en route to winning the Central Division.

We’re now a third through the season. The six-game winning streak to open the season seems like ages ago. There have already been changes in the team including trading away Tomas Tatar to the Seattle Kraken who has already found success. What gives for the rest of the season?

Colorado still has 50 games to go in the 2023-24 NHL season. They are still tied with the Dallas Stars for first in the division at 40 points, having played two more games than the Stars. There is no need to raise the white flag and give up on the season. There’s still plenty of time to turn it around.

No one in the locker room is safe from criticism. It’s what we’ve learned from Toews after last night’s affair. But, how Bednar and the team choose to address and react to it is up to them.

Do you agree Avs fans? Let us know your reactions and thoughts in the comments below!