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Avalanche season ticket holders see prices soar

KSE is charging a much steeper price for the 2023 playoffs and next season's ticket renewal packages.

Florida Panthers v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

Eggs aren't alone in getting more expensive these days. How did Colorado Avalanche ownership respond to such an outpouring of support and an influx of demand for season tickets after winning the Stanley Cup? By hiking up the cost of attendance.

I studied economics, so I'm aware of demand increasing for a limited supply and how that is bound to drive up the price of any good or service. To the tune of 20% or more, though? That means the price season ticket members paid in years past was incredibly affordable, or the new prices are heavily marked up. The steady increase in ticket prices from one season to the next is bound to squeeze out some members, which I suppose is the intention. If people back out of season ticket memberships, more tickets should be available on the secondary market and paid for at face value on or near gamedays.

Some folks won't be able to afford to attend games when you also consider the rising cost of food, beverages, and merchandise. It's a business move but one that leaves the most loyal and invested fans holding the bill. A move that doesn't feel all that sustainable and seems to be drawing a socioeconomic barrier between fans and experiencing the best part of being an Avalanche fan. Being at an Avalanche home game.

Those same people probably won't be able to afford playoff tickets as they have been marked up even more intensely than the season ticket memberships. All this while a significant cable provider still hasn't agreed to broadcast games to local audiences. Good grief.

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