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An update on the future of Mile High Hockey

Nothing bad, just updates, don’t worry!

A view of the zamboni rolling with the NHL logo on the boards before a game.
John A. Babiak

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on the news surrounding Vox cutting several SBNation sites. Mile High Hockey survived these cuts and is one of six sites remaining under the SBNation and Vox name being supported moving forward.

Unfortunately, for the majority of other sites, they did not have this luxury. They have worked tirelessly in transitioning and figuring out what is next for them and their communities.

They were given an extra month to figure out what to do moving forward and just had their contracts and support from Vox Media cut on March 31. They were all launched yesterday as independent entities and communities.

Now, I won’t get into the logistical side of things of how they went through this entire process. Quite frankly, it is complicated, frustrating, and confusing for my college brain to comprehend. I just know for a fact they worked extremely hard to take what they had with SBNation and now are making it their own.

So, now MHH is one of six sites remaining covering the NHL for SBNation and Vox Media. What does this mean for us and this community?

I’ll admit, I’m a little jealous seeing what other sites are doing. I encourage all of you to check them out and support them in this new venture because what they are doing is pretty awesome. For most sites, they are just trying to get through the rest of the season and spend the offseason really making their sites the best they can be.

We at MHH will continue to link to their sites and Twitter pages in our previews and other pieces where we mention other teams. Every site had its URL and IP transferred to themselves for free from Vox, so articles will come from the same link as they had been before when they were under SBNation. It’ll just look a little different.

Meanwhile, Mile High Hockey will keep trucking under the support of SBNation and Vox Media. We will continue to provide quality content covering the Colorado Avalanche and hope to be bigger and better, perhaps covering games from within the building one day.

We have also been told there are no plans to move on from more communities in the future, ours included. Of course, with the everchanging times of media and the economy, this may change. I’m taking this with a grain of salt just in case, but most importantly for you all and this community: we are not going anywhere.

Of course, please keep up your support. Keep reading and sharing these articles, comment down below, follow us on Twitter, and more. We will be spending more time in the offseason building the future of MHH and how to make this site bigger and better.

Thanks again for all your support. Go Avs. -Evan