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Gabriel Landeskog “will make a decision,” but no one knows about what

The captain remains in the headlines even in the offseason.

Winnipeg Jets v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

On the final radio bit of the year for Jared Bednar at Altitude Sports Radio, he updated us yesterday on the status of Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog. This included an interesting little tidbit mentioning the idea of Landeskog making a decision.

What is the captain making a decision about? People are jumping to the idea he’s making a decision on his career of whether or not he will even keep playing hockey. Because of Landeskog’s previous statements along with his coach and his teammates, it isn’t very believable that he’d be hanging up the skates for good.

As we’ve also heard in the past, he’s determined to get back out on the ice. If anything, this decision is more focused on his recovery moving forward. Just before and after the initial announcement of him missing the rest of the year, Landeskog hadn’t been skating with the team at all.

However, during the end stretch of the playoffs for the Avs, Landeskog was skating more with the team as he continues to recover from his knee injury stemming back to the 2020 bubble playoffs. He had also said there were still discussions on whether or not he would get more surgeries to fix his knee moving forward and would come to a consensus on it soon.

If anything, that is what this decision is about. Knowing Landeskog and hockey culture as a whole, there’s no way he will quit trying to get back into the sport. There’s no way it’ll keep him out forever. Of course, we just hope he continues to get better daily and makes good progress to live a good life outside of hockey.