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Dana White: NHL has “No idea” when it comes to marketing to a younger generation

According to Dana White, the NHL has “Old dumb ******* people that have no idea what’s going on.”

Toronto Maple Leafs v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

The Nelk Boys make up a social media brand with millions of young followers, and they had endorsement talks with the NHL that didn't work out due to them being "too edgy." This surfaced when the NELK brand released a video with UFC Owner Dana White openly trashing journalists and the NHL for having "Old dumb ******* people that have no idea what's going on" while endorsing the NELK Boys.

The NELK brand isn't without some controversy, but putting that aside, is Dana White right about the NHL's inability to engage a younger audience? The numbers don't lie (unless they are a lie). White says the NHL Conference Final had 25M video views compared to Powerslap's 90M. I'm not sure about the legitimacy of that Powerslap number. Still, even if it's a comparable figure, It's wild to think that a slapping league is garnering a larger audience than a big four sport does at the most critical time of the season.

We've seen efforts to appeal to the younger generation by the NHL but mainly on the broadcast end of things. Do you think the NHL needs to do a better job of appealing to the younger generation, or have they done enough in your eyes? Do you think the League needs to do more in this regard to grow the game?

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