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Morning Flurries: Yearning for October

Your daily dose of Avalanche news, along with other interesting stories across the NHL.

Chicago Blackhawks v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

All Avalanche

  • Did the Colorado Avalanche manage to get upgrades in the middle six with their new signings and departure? (The Denver Post)
  • With his recent two-year signing comes lots of attention, praise, and anticipation for Nikolai Kovalenko. But what should be the realistic expectations for him once he comes over to the Avs toward the end of the season? (Colorado Hockey Now)
  • Where do the prospects for Colorado line up against other teams’ prospects? (Daily Faceoff)
  • Speaking of prospects, our annual Top 25 Under 25 series kicks off tomorrow! Be on the lookout for how the Mile High Hockey staff ranked those prospects in the Avalanche system!

Down Below

  • Vladimir Tarasenko, who could’ve been an Avs signing but was out of their price range, was looking to join a competitive team. So, he ended up choosing, the Ottawa Senators? Over a contender like the Carolina Hurricanes?! Make it make sense!
  • Kyle Dubas continues to make some moves in his front office with the Pittsburgh Penguins, keeping Amanda Kessel in the rotation.