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Development Camp continues

The prospects and young players for the Avalanche are gathering.

Colorado Avalanche Training Camp Photo by Seth McConnell/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Lost in the hoopla of the recently concluded NHL draft and free agency is the fact that the Colorado Avalanche organization is currently conducting its annual summer development camp for all its prospects and new minor league signees. The three-day on-ice session is all held at Family Sports Center and will continue today and tomorrow morning capping off with a 4-on-4 game on Wednesday evening.

Among those in attendance are recent first-round picks Calum Ritchie and Mikhail Gulyayev. Other prospects of note are Sean Behrens and the trio of newly signed free agent hopefuls from the NCAA in Jason Polin, Ondrej Pavel, and Sam Malinski. There are also those looking for contracts in the near future such as Matt Steinberg and new draftee Jeremy Hanzel. As always, a dozen or so invited players round out the group as they hope to get noticed and invited back for rookie camp in the fall.