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Concern surrounds the status of Josh Manson

One of Colorado’s perennial defenders has some question marks heading into the season.

Seattle Kraken v Colorado Avalanche - Game Five Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

Are injuries already going to determine the Colorado Avalanche’s season for the second year in a row?

It may not be the entire theme, but it could be for at least one man. Josh Manson returned to town along with several other team members to prepare for training camp in a few weeks.

But, Manson returned with more questions than answers. In the two days he has been at the Family Sports Center, he skated individually to start, complaining about something in his hip. Luckily, he did join the main group after some time and adjustments to his gear.

However, yesterday called for more concern as he didn’t even partake in any on-ice action. Therefore, some jumped to the conclusion his hip or whatever is bugging him in his lower body has carried over from last season and will affect him once again this season. But, it very easily could’ve been an off-ice work day rather than skating.

Manson’s first year in a new four-year deal was a letdown. The 31-year-old only played 27 games, recording two goals, eight assists, and conceded 42 penalty minutes. Of course, this was mostly due to being out of the lineup dealing with injury. Hence, whenever he did return to play, he was never fully comfortable and struggled in defense.

If Manson comes into camp looking uncomfortable, lacking in defense, and fights injury, it could put the Avs on the back foot at the start of the season. He will certainly be one to watch as these voluntary workouts continue leading up to training camp starting September 21.