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By The Numbers

Who should win the Colorado Avalanche Calder trophy?

A total of 11 rookies played for the Avalanche, who was the best?

Hit or Miss: Where do the Avs shots go?

Snapshot: Avs/Rampage Depth & Needs Going into Camp

Draft Day Analysis: 2009

The 2009 draft class was formative for the Avalanche core, but how did Colorado do compared to the rest of the NHL?

Hold the Line: Putting Numbers to the Third Period Woes

While we're all mad about the most recent Avalanche loss, let's compare how they do league-wide.

By the Numbers: The Recent Good Stretch

Colorado have not only been winning games on the scoreboard lately, but territorially as well. Sup wit dat?

Welcome to's New Advanced Stats Hub

Like it or not the National Hockey League has officially embraced Advanced Stats.

By the Numbers: Mid-terms

A look at the basic #fancystats behind the Avalanche so far.

Defensive Comparisons

What's the best way to compare defensemen? Is it time on ice, points, or name recognition? In this series, I'll explore a different method that looks at how blueliners are deployed. (Part 1 of 2)

Deadline Watch: Avalanche Contracts for 2015-16

Let's Talk About Defensive Usage

How exactly do teams deploy their defensemen, and does that correlate to All-Star snubs?

Scoring Chances, Nathan MacKinnon, and You

Let's get up to speed on the newly available stats on scoring chances

Scoring Woes

Everyone knows the Hockey Gods are cruel and ruthless beings. But is luck to blame for the Avs scoring woes?

By the Numbers: Two Very Different Bloos Games

The Avalanche stomped the Bloos before Christmas, and got casually run over by them after it. What changed? WARNING: Charts, Words

By the Numbers: COL @ BUF, COL @ dET

Two "eh" points on the ice and two points stolen.

COL @ PIT By the Numbers

It was good until.......

Playing Possessed

30 games in, let's get an update of the team's rolling fancies, and see what individuals are contributing the most - for better or worse.

STL @ COL By the Ugly Numbers

This one will probably take about as long as Paul Stastny's ice time

WPG @ COL By the Numbers

WARNING: SteveHouse says nice stats things about Nate Guenin inside!

NSH @ COL By the Numbers

Summary of the night's fancies and individual leaders!

2014 Pre-season: Second Round of Cuts

Avs Training Camp Day 1: Viewers Guide & Open Thre

Avs Rookie Camp Day 3: Viewers Guide & Open Thread

Avs Rookie Camp Day 1: Viewers Guide & Open Thread

Salary Structure and You: The Central Division

After a long delay that was totally due to All These Excuses and not laziness, SS&Y brings it home with a look at the Avalanche's home division.

Signing Prospects & The 50 Contract Limit

Tuesday Trends: Four to Go

Oh, Canada!, locking in spots, and home ice all in play this week

Tuesday Trends: No Foolin'

More mix-ups in the battles for home ice and top 2.

Tuesday Trends (March 25)

New division leaders? Casualties? Wild card intrigue? Stay tuned!

Tuesday trends. On Thursday. Shut up.

The Pacific is getting interesting as we come down to the end.

Tuesday Trends: March 11 playoffs update

Minor shuffling in the also-rans and there's a new sheriff in town as we check in on the Western standings.

The Final Stretch: By the Numbers

Tomorrow night the Avalanche kick off their final push for the 2013-2014 NHL playoffs. Here's a look at what's left on the schedule.