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Colorado Avalanche Coaching Candidates

Avalanche’s 7th Head Coach will be Jared Bednar

After a thorough search up and down the hockey coaching ranks, General Manager Joe Sakic finally decided on his coach.

Is widespread loathing of Tim Army justified?

Avalanche Week in Review: August 20-21

UNCONFIRMED: Patrick Roy likely to be named coach

It's wrought with hearsay, but that's probably the way this thing is going to go.

No Teeth, Proven Winner, Perfect Coach

You have a better idea?

Living Legend Right Man for the Job

Can Saint Patrick bring some miracles back to our beloved franchise?

I Wonder If We'd Like It Ruff?

Guy is the guy the Avs should hire

Guy Boucher has what it takes to make the Avalanche successful: experience, personality, and systems.

Avs Coaching Search Should End In Toronto

Marlies Coach Dallas Eakins Shines As Brightest Coaching Prospect