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Preseason Game Quatre Preview: The Lone Stars Come Calling

First matchup of a preseason home-and-home tonight in The Can against new division rival/old playoff whipping boys, Dallas.

Ronald Martinez

Colorado. Dallas. One is a state. The other is a city in a state that thinks it’s a country. Both have hockey teams. Neither have been very good lately. One has one of the most hideous uniforms in the entirety of the NHL. The other is Dallas.

Both teams come into the 2013-2014 looking to generate buzz and usher in a new era on the ice. Patrick Roy leads a team of young players back to the glory days of deep playoff runs and Stanley Cup victories. Lindy Ruff leads a team that stole a Stanley Cup ring off of his finger.

Dallas, one of the Avs’ new divisionmates (Division III REPRESENT!!), comes into the new year with some new faces having acquired Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverly in a trade with the Bruins. They sent Loui Eriksson and others to Beantown. The Stars also have new jerseys in something called "Victory Green" so I’m sure that won’t sound ostentatious or "Texas, am I right?" to anybody else. Anyway, the game isn’t televised so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s a cool looking shade and they got rid of the #’s on the front. The stars come into Denver having dropped an OT game to another division member, the Blues (and their former captain) on Saturday night.

The Avs roster currently sits at 30 28 so there’s a decent chance that this is the last hoedown for several players as Roy and Sakic trim the fat to get ready for the rematch in Dallas on Thursday and the Frozen Fury game on Saturday. Will tonight be the first of many games for the newly acquired Marc-Andre Cliche? Will we see Sami Aittokallio in net or will Giguere make his first appearance in the preseason?  Answers: Probably, no, and yes.

We’re 8 days from the opening season puck drop people!  We have to figure this stuff out!!

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