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Colorado Avalanche Quote of the Night

Top quotes/participation in game threads.

QotN: No Foolin'

QotN: No Foolin' (See it's a pun...)

QotN: Wild Night

QotN: Wild Tweets, Sweet Treats

QotN: Preds & Stachi Shutdown

You kinda had to be there...

QotN: Pleading Leads to Victory!!

Note: Doesn't work for World Wars.

For Completeness' Sake

Not sure why I'm posting this to be honest. Just to complete the team-wide narrative of shooting and missing?

QotN: We have a new gif

It's pronounced "giff"

QotN: Desert Karma

Somewhat paltry showing, but still some good stuff.

Quote of the Night: Halloween Eve Terrors

Well, can't us-see that...

Quote of the Night: IR is for the Goalies

He didn't specify, so I'm assuming Fleetwood.

Quote of the Night: Now with Bonus Content!

Last night's breakdown plus Mike bitches about refs.

Quote of the Night: Opening Night to Forget

Moving on...

QotN: Cheese Steak

Another trip to a Eastern seaboard city, another loss. That's two in a row. It's officially a streak.

QotN: Let's forget this happened, kay?

Sandie Triumphant!! Colorado? Not so much.

QotN: Don't Say F%ck

Lou is my barber. He's kinda shifty.

QotN: Sabres Get Bent

Whew. They nearly broke the goal horn.

Quote of the Night: Not as Pretty as Cheryl's

Anything but...