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Colorado Avalanche Season Analysis

Returning veterans should buoy a turn around for the Colorado Avalanche

The veterans are getting healthy and that should being stability to the Avalanche lineup

This stream has:

MHH's 2013-14 Avalanche Season Analysis

For the next two weeks, we're going to break down what we expect from the Avalanche this season.

Nikita Zadorov’s uncertain future with the Avalanche

As Zadorov’s ice time drops, the Colorado Avalanche need to decide where he fits on the team

Around the West: is Nashville’s lead in the Central sustainable?

and the Avalanche are pulling themselves out of a rut.

Which Colorado Avalanche forwards make the most of their ice time?

A look how how efficiently the Avalanche are distributing ice time

Around the West: Lots of drama around Vancouver

A disappointing week has dropped Colorado’s stock this week.

How it affects the Colorado Avalanche: the Nashville Predators offseason


How it affects the Colorado Avalanche: The Winnipeg Jets offseason

The Jets are on the edge of a knife after betting on the status quo this summer.

Head Coach Jared Bednar’s turnaround of the Colorado Avalanche is worthy of the Jack Adams

Even if he doesn’t go home with a trophy (award? medal? plaque?), he’s won it in our hearts.

Nathan MacKinnon should win the Hart Trophy

MacKinnon proved to the NHL this year that he was the most valuable player

Avalanche Penalty Kill: Good System, Bad Execution

Too many penalties to kill and plenty of individual mistakes obscured a surprisingly effective PK system

Lack of Power with the Man Advantage: An Old Story and a New Coach

The Avs look to new Assistant Coach Ray Bennett to solve some chronic problems on the Power Play

Colorado Avalanche Goalie Coach Jussi Parkkila Has a Lot of Work To Do

Varlamov’s long-time mentor enters a situation with more questions than answers

2017 IIHF Worlds: Avalanche Player Wrap-Up

12 Shutouts

How Far Can Colorado’s Organizational Personality Take Us?

Passive Incompetent Management Leads to Organizational Failure

Fiddling While Denver Burns

Did Jared Bednar kill the Avs offense or was it dead already?

Playing Organizational Catch-Up

Fear of Heights

Examining the importance of height in the National Hockey League

Weekly Watercooler: Halfway WHAT?

After a little personal hiatus the Watercooler is back and better, errr the same as ever! What do A.J. and Cole think of the Avs first half and their tenuous standings position at Game 42?

2014-15 Season Analysis Part 10 - Final Standings

Our predictions for last season were (happily) way off the mark. How might we do this year?

2014-15 Season Analysis Part 9 - Performance

Time to get down to the nitty gritty and make some predictions!

2014-15 Season Analysis Part 8-Breakouts, Letdowns

Every year we have our good, bad and ugly on the ice. This season won't be any different.

2014-15 Season Analysis Part 7 - Berra

Berra's body of work in the NHL is questionable, something that has left Avs fans quite distraught.

2014-15 Season Analysis Part 6 - Varlamov

He was a Vezina finalist and barely missed the top-three in voting for the Hart last season. If the Avs want to succeed, they absolutely need Varly to be that guy again.

This stream has:

MHH's 2014-15 Avalanche Season Analysis

MHH takes an in-depth look at what has happened leading into the 2014-15 season and what we might expect in the months ahead.

2014-15 Season Analysis Part 1: the Offseason

An emotional roller coaster, the off season polarized fans and media alike.

Revisiting 2013-14 Part 10: Final Predictions

And we've come to the finish line where everyone made predictions that were laughably, incredibly wrong. Well, everyone except me.

Revisiting 2013-14 Pt 9: Individual Performances

And we've finally made it to the nitty gritty, hard numbers predictions. We were all over the board on this.

Revisiting 2013-2014 Part 8: Varlamov

The goalie whisperer certainly did his thing with Varly. Who called it?