Lucic not suspended.


Forced to bake cupcakes for injured Miller. Maybe.

Matt Duchene Traded...


....His LW spot to go back to center. WTF, that lasted 2 games? If you going to make a switch like that (and your team is loaded with centers). Give it a shot, 5-8 games? Put Mueller out with the 3rd or 4th line to get his legs back, you know he's just going to drag down Duchene with him.

Gabe is just the cutest little guy in the world, isn't he? Gallery:...


Gabe is just the cutest little guy in the world, isn't he? Gallery:

What's your opinion on Max Pacioretty?


Not saying anything... just asking. Here's some highlights for ya, too:

Fire Sacco


and profit. Team has no 1st rounder, so no reason to tank. 3-6-1 in their last 10 (won't go back to last season like some have, they were trying to tank then). Lost 4 in a row.

Interview of Varly after Dallas game (google translate link)


Varly gave an interview to Natalia Shmelev in An excerpt from the interview: "I think only about my own game. Now I’m not happy. Miss a lot. The reliability coefficient bad."

Mueller back skating the Avs


This might be really good news. Mueller is skating without a no contact jersey. Maybe we will see him back in action soon. I hope the Factor was told to take a day off cause he is working to hard but we will see.

Ryan O'Reilly making strong case for captaincy


For the record, I agree with the guy but at the same time I'm torn. RoR would be perfect because this kid never gives up and like Joe, leads by example on the ice. However this is a young team, one much different looking from when Joe was the captain and the article makes a good point that they may need a captain that is vocal and calls guys out in the locker room. Who knows, all I know is the Avs are lucky to have 4 or 5 guys who could be captain.