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Final Grades 2014

Final Grade, Radar

Shifting to Matt Duchene's wing sparked scoring that gave O'Reilly his best season yet.

Final Grade, Mr. Clean

Benoit was the kind of signing that made you go, "Hmmmm?" He turned out to be a good third-pairing player who put up some numbers, gave the kids a veteran presence on the blueline, and limited the times you still went "hmmmm?"

Final Grade, Bordy

Bordy's role changed a bit this season as fighting wasn't his only job.

Final Grade, Highlander

Cody Mac did what Cody Mac does: bring it.

Final Grade, Mack Truck

It was a disappointing year for Wilson, never gaining confidence after an early injury.

Final Grade, Ginger Devil

He didn't put anyone in the hospital or cost the Avs the playoffs, so I guess there's that.

Final Grade, Tangs

It's hard not to imagine how different the playoffs would have been if Tangs had stayed healthy.

Final Grade, Hishon the Magician

This season was a roaring success for Hishon, and his stats have nothing to do with it.

Final Grade, Jiggy

We didn't need Giguere to be stellar this season as Varlamov had that role down pat, but we did need him to hold his own. He did pretty much that.

Final Grade, MacK

Extraordinary. That's the first word that comes to mind when thinking about MacK.

Final Grade, Care Bear

We didn't see much of Carey, but his first dip into the show wasn't bad.

Final Grade, Pauly Walnuts

Stastny continued to do what he's always done: quietly be a bad ass. This season, though, more people noticed and realized how much the Avs really need him.

Final Grade, Tall-butt

This guy never quits. On the forecheck, on the penalty kill, on the ice.

Final Grade, Cleeshers

Nothing flashy, Cliche came in and did his job.

Final Grade, Hunny Bunny

Still has the feet, still needs the hockey IQ.

Final Grade, Downs

Downie's appeal as a player may have led to his ultimate surrendering of his Avs' sweater.

Final Grade, Sarsy

Sarich was supposed to add veteran stability. He did what he could, but unfortunately, injuries and age caught up to him.

Final Grade, Pappy

Another inconsistent player, Parenteau would show flashes of top-line play only to follow it up with a disappearing act.

Final Grade, VDG

VDG is one of those guys you love to have on your affiliate team as his transition for call-up duty is seamless.

Final Grade, Ginner

Versatile, albeit inconsistent, McGinn put in a season worthy of a new contract with the Avs. Now if only the Avs can keep a healthy top six so that Fatty can man the third line like he's built to.

Final Grade, Dutchy

We all knew he'd be good. This season, he proved he is rising to elite status.

Final Grade, Yonner

Despite clearly being on the downside of his career, Hejda was a calming influence on EJ and allowed him to take risks offensively.

Final Grade, Johnny Malkin

For as frustrating as he was at times, Johnny was a solid commodity all season.

Final Grade, EJ

Criticism for not living up to that number one overall draft pick followed Johnson every season...until now.

Final Grade, Natey

Some nights, you'd say, "NATE!" Some nights, you'd say, "Naaaate?!?!"

Final Grade, T-Bear

Barrie destroyed most people's predictions of his ceiling.

Final Grade, Stolls

Karl Stollery got his cup of coffee in the NHL this season with the Avalanche.

Final Grade, Nicky

For a guy who was supposed to be a depth signing, Holden sure turned some heads.

Final Grade, Varly

Semyon Varlamov went from frustratingly average in the locked out 2013 season to one of the three best in the league this season.