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MHH Podcast

MHH Podcast: Free Agency Wrap 2017

Steph, Ryan, and earl06 have grades and opinions on the newest Avalanche acquisitions! Plus, panicking horribly about Zadorov going to the KHL (not really), the future of the Avalanche blueline, and Colorado finally hire the juicy park killa.

MHH Podcast: The Ol Double D (2017 NHL Drafts)

Steph and the guys are back to break down the Avs draft class, Vegas's new team, the continued presence of Matt Duchene on the Avs roster, and a look ahead at free agency!

MHH Podcast: Turning Over (5/28/17)

Steph wrangles earl06 and Ryan Murphy for an offseason chat about the exodus of Tim, Frank, and Dave and the intrigue that is Kyle Dubas. Also, Avs players at the IIHF Worlds, who the Pod would protect from the Vegas kidnappers, and Ryan shows us how to multitask!

MHH Podcast: Give Mike the Mic (12/19/2016)

Mike @MHH joins Steph and the guys to talk defense, goalies, and getting the core some help, plus we urge NHL forecheckers not to decapitate extremely handsome men.

MHH Podcast: Trade the Team (12/12/16)

Steph and the guys try to figure out what to do with the week in Avs and their roster.

MHH Podcast: Stuck in Traffic (12/5/16)

More theoretical nonsense about slow starts from Steph, earl, and Ryan! Plus we look at the one-game samples of last week's callups and what the team may do without Erik Johnson, and we gasp in horror at some trends since Landeskog's injury.

MHH Podcast: The solution is bath salts (11/28/2016)

Steph and the dudes have some unconventional answers to the Avs' opening period woes. Also, world-ending eye rolls, yelling about AJ Greer's demotion, and we find out who among us are optimists.

MHH Podcast: Return of the Mack (11/21/2016)

Steph and the guys aren't mad you want to trade MacKinnon, just disappointed. Also 3 Avs goalies' strong weeks, the emergence of AJ Greer, and Ryan is baffled by John Mitchell.

MHH Podcast: Oh No We Suck Again (11/7/16)

Steph and Earl try their best to look back on this week, plus talk goalies, Rampage, and what it's going to take to get MacKinnon on the board!

MHH Podcast: We Hate Our Goal-Scoring Anthem (11/1/16)

Steph, earl, and Ryan sit down on Halloween to look at last week's 2 games, Rantanen, Duchene, and MacKinnon!

MHH Podcast: Without context, it’s hilarious (10/24/16)

Steph, earl, and Remote Ryan run down the crazy week in Avalanche land, project the return of Mikko Rantanen, and read tweets from some new fans of an old friend.

MHH Podcast: TCISO (10/17/2016)

Steph, Ryan, and earl break down the season opener and speculate wildly based on a single game!

MHH Podcast: Cautiously Optimistic (10/10/16)

Dario joins Steph and earl to talk about camp under Coach Bednar, plus the last Frozen Fury, division predictions, and the season opener!

MHH Podcast: Preseason No-View (10/3/2016)

Steph and earl and Ryan look at as much of the preseason as they can, make a few bold predictions for the year, and make improvements to the next World Cup!

MHH Podcast: Worlds Words (9/10/2016)

Steph, earl06, and Ryan Murphy preview the World Cup of Hockey!

MHH Podcast: Patrick Whaaaat? (8/15/16)

Steph and earl06 call an emergency meeting to talk about our "Patrick Roy quits" feelings!

MHH Podcast: Summer break! (7/28/16)

Steph, earl, and Ryan look at their favorite and least favorite Avs moves this summer, new coaching hires and what they mean, and say a bunch of words about Tyson Barrie that will be almost immediately irrelevant!

MHH Podcast: Joest? Yost? (2016 Post-Draft PreUFA)

Steph, earl06, and Ryan Murphy look at the Avalanche draft selections, who was qualified among RFAs (and wasn't), roster openings, free agency targets, and more!

MHH Podcast: ICYMI (Postseason 2016)

Barrie! Raduov! Coaches! Expansion! Earl and Ryan Murphy join Steph for an impromptu June show with all that and more!

MHH Podcast: Two Way Mirror (Season Finale!) (4/11/16)

AJ Haefele, earl06, and Ryan Murphy hop on for this super-sized episode about Roy's future, JT Compher, Alex Radulov, and all the other Avalanche intrigue this summer!

MHH Podcast: Nasty, Brutish, Short (4/4/16)

Before the Blues mess and the ensuing Roystorm that followed, Steph and Ryan talked about the week and the season, and play Woulda/Shoulda/Coulda with your suggestions for the team!

MHH Podcast: Death To Trees (3/28/16)

Cheryl Bradley and Steph do spend some time beginning to mourn the Avs, but also look ahead to the Frozen Four (which DU did make after we recorded), Zadorov back with the team, and the future!

MHH Podcast: The Stretch (3/22/16)

Breaking down the last week in the NHL's worst rivalry and dumbest playoff race, it's earl06, Ryan Murphy, and Randy Time

MHH Podcast: Hurt By A Butt (3/14/16)

AJ Haefele and earl06 join Steph to chat about a decent week, Tinordi conspiracies, and as always, the ongoing playoff race with the stupid Wild!

MHH Podcast: All Of The Worst Leads (3/7/16)

Steph & Ryan Murphy break down the trade acquisitions, fight about rentals, look at the playoff race, and stay positive! Ish.

MHH Podcast: Trade-Ium Series

Ryan Murphy chats with Steph about what it was like covering the Stadium Series, the recent turns in the playoff race, and who got traded where!

MHH Podcast: A Day Late, A Subban Short (2/23/16)

earl06 and Ryan Murphy join a rare Tuesday show to hype the Stadium Series events with detroit and cover the Matthias trade as well as others around the NHL!

MHH Podcast: Winning Ugly (2/15/16)

Steph and Ryan Murphy wing it marveling at the Avalanche wins this week despite struggling, plus the Wild fired Yeo, and somehow Colorado are clinging to a playoff spot!

MHH Podcast: Objection! (2/8/16)

Steph is joined by Ryan Murphy & BSN Denver's Cheryl Bradley for an oral history of Semyon Varlamov's civil trial, plus props for All Star Weekend and we wonder how long the Avs can maintain a playoff spot!

MHH Podcast: Playoffs? What Are Words? (1/25/16)

Steph and Ryan Murphy struggle for words to describe the week in Avs, their unlikely spot in the playoff race, Varlamov, Bigras, Zadorov, and forward lines!

MHH Podcast: Whack Your Stick (1/18/16)

Steph is joined by earl06 an Mike@MHH to talk Bigras, Zadorov, shifts in the Avs over the season, and Rampage!

MHH Pod: 601!

Steph is joined again by Ryan Murphy to brag on 3 good wins, not freak about one bad loss, but definitely freak out about the week's waiver moves!