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Avalanche Links

The following is a list of Avalanche-related links, updated in June 2011. Contact me with any additions / subtractions / changes.


Colorado Avalanche - The Avs' official website.

Denver Post - Adrian Dater and Mike Chambers cover the Colorado Avalanche.

All Things Avs - Technically a blog, and Dater certainly uses a different voice for the blog than he does in his Post articles. Still, Dater has access to the team that no blogger has, so I'm including it here.


Mile High Hockey - You are here.

Avs Talk - I think Shane Giroux's blog is the first Avalanche blog that I started following not so many years back.

Colorado Avalanche Prospects - Angélique (aka Jori) is the Avalanche prospect guru. If you are looking for news about the Avs' farm system, her blog is where you want to start.

Jerseys and Hockey Love - Tapeleg covers a little bit of everything in the world of hockey - some Avalanche-related, some not. It's all entertaining. He hasn't been posting as much lately, perhaps focusing his energy on his other project: The Rink Podcast

Jibblescribbits - Our beloved Dater dater is famous around these parts for his witty humor, insightful commentary and, of course, his epic reply fails. As of this writing, Jibs has 5,422 comments at MHH in just over a year, an average of almost 14 comments a day. Of course, he claims to be very busy this summer, and has been introducing guest authors to help him carry the workload.

The Avslova Factor - GEO has been posting insightful stuff on the Avs for years, but I only had the fortune of discovering his blog about a year ago.

Real Denver Sports - MHH member From the Point is one of the contributors to this new Denver sports blog that covers the Avalanche and the Broncos.

An Avalanche of Thoughts... - Another fine blog from a MHH member. Adam Hersh's blog will celebrate its one-year anniversary in two weeks.

Disgruntled Avalanche Blogger - I stumbled across this one only a couple of weeks ago, when Magnum was running his excellent 5-part offseason series. That's when I got the idea to do this piece, as I figured there most be some other gems out there that I'm aware of.

Anyone But Detroit - I accidentally left this off my original list. I found this one around the same time as I found Disgruntled Avalanche Blogger. Good stuff, worth visiting for the name alone.

Hockey Buzz - Eklund is a fraud and I try not to lend any credence to him by linking to his site, but, for completeness' sake, here's a link to Aaron Musick's Avalanche blogs hosted there.

The Dog and Pony Show - It doesn't look like Aaron D'Albey's Avalanche blog is still operational, as he's posted just once in 2009. [Update 7/9: Looks like Aaron is back in action]

Mile High Mayhem - Matt Jordan's blogs over at


The Avs Hockey Podcast -

The Rink Podcast - Tapeleg

Monsters Links

Lake Erie Monsters - where the prospects go to develop -- and the vets go to get their heads on straight.

Patrick Bordeleaux's fan page - the folks at Bordy's Hooligans are a cool bunch. Check em out.

Message Boards:

HF Boards - The Avalanche HF board is a good place for breaking news and Avalanche commentary.

Official Avalanche Board - From what I remember, there are some really intelligent, insightful posts mixed in with a lot of mindless drivel. I lost patience in the latter a long, long time ago.

Other Resources:

AvalancheDB - A terrific resource. I reference it frequently for everything from cap info to historical information on Avalanche jersey numbers.

Mile High Hockey Facebook Page - Hey, look, we've finally got one!

Avs Hockey Podcast Facebook Page - Jay Vean's Podcast Page.

Twitter Feeds:

As with above, if you know of another Avalanche-related feed that should be added, let me know in the comment section.

@Avalanche - The official Colorado Avalanche feed.

@kshohara - Media Relations/Website Coordinator for the Colorado Avalanche. He also contributes to the team's official Twitter account.

@MileHighHockey - the MHH feed, including our posted articles and random comments from me about my iPod (which is decked out in an Avalanche skin so even that lame content is Avalanche-related).

@colorado_avs - an unofficial automated Avalanche feed that seems to only have links to the stories

@avsbuzztap - another automated feed. This seems to just include articles from and MHH.

@avalanchenews - I'm not sure what is, but it looks spammy. The twitter feed is links to Avalanche stories on Yahoo, Fox Sports and maybe some others.

@avsnews - automated feed of Denver Post Avalanche-related articles.

@adater - automated feed of Dater's All Things Av and Denver Post articles. No personal updates.

@woodypaige - for comedy purposes only. Thankfully, it's just his articles (and almost none Avalanche-related), no personal "witicisms" like you are bombarded with on ATH.

@Jori5280 - Angelique covers Avalanche prospects on her own blog and here at MHH.

@Avalangelist - Aaron Musick blogs about the Avalanche for Dwayne Kessel's site. [Updated Link on 7/9]

@AvsHkyPodcast - Twitter feed for Jay's Avs Hockey Podcast. Updates are protected.

@DenverSportBlog - I'm told there are other Denver sports teams besides the Avs, and DSB has news about all of them.

@DrewLitton - former RMN cartoonist extraordinaire

@monstershockey - the official Lake Erie Monsters feed

@TheAvsGuild, @TheGoalieGuild - because it's all about those crazy goaltenders

@avalancheradio - Mark Moser

@Jibblescribbits - You know who he is.

@VoiceoftheAvs - Mike Haynes

@chicksgiveapuck - Chicks Who Give a Puck (Another site for which Angelique writes)

@Lauren_DGardner - Lauren Gardner (Former Avalanche in-game host)

Players' Twitter Feeds:

@ryanobyrne84 - Ryan O'Byrne

@Matt9Duchene - Matt Duchene

@ShaneOBrien55 - Shane O'Brien

@djones5454 - David Jones

@GabeLandeskog92 - Gabriel Landeskog

@S9Downie - Steve Downie

@stefelliott6 - Stefan Elliott

@jamiemcginn64 - Jamie McGinn

@tysonbarrie - Tyson Barrie

@mitchabov - John Mitchell

@paparenteau - PA Parenteau

@PaulyWalnuts26 - Paul Stastny

@Ryan_OReilly90 - Ryan O'Reilly

@sauceee44 - Ryan Wilson

@6ErikJohnson - Erik Johnson

Picks' and Prospects' Twitter Feeds

@D_Donnelly2 - Dillon Donnelly

@cpickard1 - Calvin Pickard

@Bmalone22 - Brad Malone

@jhish18 - Joey Hishon

- Greg Mauldin

@garrettmeurs - Garrett Meurs

@Siemer5 - Duncan Siemens (account seems to have been disabled)

@heardy15 Mitchell Heard

@mclarke19 Michael Clarke

@_themagicbullet Joseph Blandisi

@cottonball93 Colin Smith

Former Players' Twitter Feeds:

@hoosierjm26 - John-Michael Liles

@CstewSTL25 - Chris Stewart

@shattdeuces - Kevin Shattenkirk

@spodein - Shjon Podein

@TheoFleury14 - Theo Fleury

@cleschyshyn - Curtis Leschyshyn

@MarcDenis30 - Marc Denis

@MattBarnabyESPN - Matt Barnaby

@RickEBerry - Rick Berry

@dooda1414 - Ian Laperriere

@joalinds - Joachim Lindstrom

@jHolos - Jonas Holøs

@TJGaliardi - TJ Galiardi

@Danwinnik34 - Daniel Winnik

@kporter12 -Kevin Porter