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Community Guidelines

Mile High Hockey, like all SB Nation blogs, is a community. As fine, upstanding members of this community, all users are expected to observe the following guidelines (or "rules", if you will) to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

Remember, speech should always be free, but that freedom requires responsibility.

General Guidelines:

  • All diary posts and comments should be free of personal attacks. Insults of any kind (including sarcasm or condescension) are not allowed, and offenders will be subject to having their accounts deleted and their IP addresses banned.
  • Absolutely no hate speech of any kind. Nothing that can reasonably be construed as racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise in socially bad taste will be allowed. The same penalties that apply to insult-throwers apply to users of hate speech as well.
  • No political or religious discussions of any kind. This is a SPORTS blog. Specifically, it is a Colorado Avalanche blog, so the content of diary posts and comments should almost always be limited to what's happening on the ice. There are plenty of other blogs to rant and rave about your own personal political or religious views, so go find them if that's your perogative.
  • Adult content (i.e. nekkid people) is right out, unless posted as a text link along with a warning about avoiding workplace viewing (i.e. "NSFW!!!"). Seriously, be courteous and responsible when linking to anything sexual in nature in this blog community, as it is open to children, old ladies and maybe even your mother.

Diary Post Guidelines

  • Diary posts must be more than 300 characters in length. Take the time to flesh out your commentary a bit, make it substantial and worth reading.
  • Diary posts MUST be related to the Avalanche in particular or hockey in general. Seriously, that's the purpose of the site.
  • Users are limited to 2 diary posts per day.
  • Diaries are not free billboards. NO ADVERTISING. Avalanche-related TV schedule announcements are allowed, however.

Repeated failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in termination of the offending user's account. I carry a hockey stick with me at all times. Don't make me use it.

Thank you for your cooperation. We're all friends here, so let's keep it clean and keep it fun. See you on the ice.