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Official List of MHH Player Nicknames

Current Roster

Coach Jared Bednar

  • Coach Conehead (from France): A reference to the Coneheads' characters and their alias.
  • Bender: Referring to the lovable deviant robot from 90s cartoon Futurerama.

Tyson Barrie

  • Tboobs
  • TB4: His initials and jersey number, obs.
  • Dangle Barrie: He's little and filthy.

Francis Beauchemin

  • Beauch
  • Facebook: from his initials "FB"

Rene Bourque

  • Rorque: To distinguish him from Gabrial Bourque who was signed at the same time.

Blake Comeau

  • Combs

Matt Duchene

  • Absolute Duchene: During the All Star festivities in 2011, Duchene was overheard talking about an over-consumption of Vodka
  • Dutchie/Dutch/Dutchy: This is what his Avalanche teammates call him. As it is extremely lame, it has not been adopted by the cool folks at MHH.
  • Mighty Matt: Think Mighty Mouse

Eric Gelinas

  • Gelly

Mikhail Grigorenko

  • Grigo

Rocco Grimaldi

  • Rocco's Modern Life: In honor of the awesome animated series.
  • Corgy Microlad: kinda-sorta an anagram of his actual name. Plus he's tiny and ferocious.

Jarome Iginla

  • Iggy: his HOF nickname when he's good
  • Iffy: His nickname when he's less than good

Erik Johnson

  • EJ or Edge:the first one seems the easiest and the latter is one of his actual nicknames.
  • Condor: because of the way he swoops through the rink, carrying the puck and generating an offensive chance from nothing.

Gabrial Landeskog

  • Face: A-team reference.
  • Landy/Lando

Nathan MacKinnon

  • Mac/MacK: because hockey players aren't very creative

Andreas Martinsen

  • Marty
  • Bad Andy: Because he's big and bad, obviously
  • Lord of Fjorcheck: From his historic, semi-autobiographical opus during the 2016 offseason.

Cody McLeod

  • Highlander: The name of the main character in the cult movieHighlanderis Connor MacLeod. Get it? Clever, huh? The first known use of this nickname was by Mike @ MHH inthis thread.
  • McLeader: Roy gave him an ‘A' during his tenure due to his veteran leadership. At least that's what we think because it sure as hell was for his hockey or fighting skills.

John Mitchell

  • Smooth Johnny/Johnny Malkin: Due to his propensity to hold on to the puck for extended periods of time and deke and skate with the biscuit forever, ala Evgini Malkin. This is actually a holdover from his time with the Rangers too.

Calvan Pickard

  • Picks
  • Captain Pickard: because nerds

Mikko Rantanen

  • Rants
  • Mikko Sauvé: Refers to 1990 song "Rico Sauvé" by Ecuadorian rapper Gerardo Mejia

Duncan Siemens

  • Manson: Because his profile pic looks like the mugshot of a serial killer
  • Serial Killer: Because his profile pic looks like the mugshot of Charles Manson

Mike Sislo

  • The Sislo Kid

Carl Soderberg

  • Dread Pirate: Because he's blind in one eye and it's hilarious.
  • Sods/Soda

Fedor Tyutin

  • Toots/Tootin'

Semyon Varlamov

  • Varly: A common chant during the 2013-2014 season. Sporadic since then.
  • Nyetminder: Cuz he's a Russian netminder. Get it?

Patrick Wiercioch

  • WeirdCock: Because hockey fans are juvenile

Nikita Zadorov

  • General Zad/Comrade Zad: A thinly veiled reference to General Zod from the Superman mythos.
  • Big Z: He's a large man.

Prior Players, Etc.

Site Etiquette: The following are never capitalized as that would be proper and nothing about these words is proper: minnesota (and derivatives such as minny), Detroit (and derivatives such as detoilet), deadthings, red wings, mild (when referencing the ‘team' in minnesota.

Andy: Former Avalanche net minder Craig Anderson. This is the nickname he actually goes by, and it has appeared on his mask.

Arnageddon: MHH whipping boy and former Avalanche player Tyler Arnason. He is also sometimes called Sanjaya, for reasons explained here. See also Donut Line below.

Balls: Extremely mature nickname for defenseman Andre Benoit.

The Baron: Former Avalanche player Wojtek Wolski. The full nickname is "Baron von Wolski," and was coined in this thread after several MHH members tried to determine the most noble of all Avalanche players. Originally suggested for Paul Stastny, it was later attached to Wolski because that "would be even funnier." It stuck. Further clarification can be found here.

BMF: Another former Avalanche player. It is unclear who first called Kyle Quincey "Bad Mother Fucker", but I'm guessing it stems back to the first few weeks as an Avalanche. You know, back when he actually played like one. Sometimes he is also called BAMF "Bad Ass Mother Fucker".

Bordello of BloodPatrick Bordeleau

Cameron AwesomeCameron Gaunce, we can thank SlamDunkTheFunk for this one.

Character: In reference to a famous quote by Ryan O'Reilly's father, the notorious Brian O'Reilly, inferring his son should be paid more due to his superior character.

Chris Goddamn Stewart: Well, he is, or was. He is no longer on the Avalanche. You may also see it as CGS for short. But it sounds better if you type the whole goddamn thing out. For further reading, check out this elaborate website.

DDC: Shorthand for former managing editor David Driscoll-Carignan. See also: Red Wing Dave

Doctor Jones: David Jones.

Donut Line: Could refer to any offensive line with a weak or ineffective center ("a hole in the middle"), but a commenter at Dater's All Things Avs blog coined it specifically in honor of a line centered by Tyler Arnason. Referenced here.

The DukeMilan Hejduk. This nickname has been floating around for years among Avalanche fans and is just a simple play on the pronunciation of Hejduk's last name.

Dwight Schrute: On the day Greg Sherman was promoted to Avalanche GM, his online biography actually included the phrase "Assistant to the General Manager" before someone had to go and change it. Plus, he's from Scranton, making it tough to pass up the chance for us to work in an awesome Office reference.

Enos/ Eno$- Stan Kroenke

FactorRyan O`Reilly. This is his official name given by his teammates.

Fatty McGinn or just "Fatty": Less-than-flattering nickname for Jamie McGinn based on the pure fiction that he gained some weight during the 2012-2013 lockout.

FlashTomas Fleischmann, it is a name carried over from Jasper's Rink, he is now a Florida Panther.

Footer: Adam Foote, the nickname that the players would call him.

FoppaPeter Forsberg. Foppa is a common Swedish hypocorism for the last name Forsberg. Its use as a nickname for the legendary center long predates Mile High Hockey.

Greg from Acounting: Greg Sherman, he used to be an accountant.

Hensiiick/Hensuck: Former Avalanche prospect T.J. Hensick. When he played well, MHH members used the former (first used here). When he wasn't playing well or sitting in the press box (far more common), they used the latter (encouraged primarily by member Hopfenkopf).

Hot PocketJohn-Michael Liles. MHH member BeachNSnowGirl (aka "Beachie") has had a long-time crush on Liles, and in this thread made a highly suggestive offer to the defenseman. The nickname---and her lust for him---has not faded with time, hence the alternative Liles nickname Beachie's Boyfriend. Other nicknames include the longer Johnny Hot Pocket and Male Model.

Jiggy/Giggy: Jean-Sebastien Giguere

Kobasuck/ Kobario Chuck Kobasew

Leoprone: Former Avalanche defenseman Jordan Leopold. In 2006-07, his first season with Colorado, Leopold played only 15 games due to serious injuries. The next year he missed 39 games with more injuries. Member Dario coined the Leoprone nickname in this reply to a post dedicated to creating a fitting nickname for Leopold. A poll was conducted and the nickname was made official here.

Mack Truck: Ryan Wilson, because he hits like one. DDC likes to call him Mitch due to his resemblance to Mitch from Real Genius, but that one's gone over about as well as a lead zeppelin.

Moneybags: Ryan O'Reilly

O'Greedy: Also Ryan O'Reilly

Old Man Foote: Adam Foote in his last season.

Olde Yeller: The beloved Stephane Yelle. The old-English "e" is required.

ORLY: One of two solid nicknames for Ryan O'Reilly (see also "Radar"). This one comes from that ORLY owl internet meme that wasn't completely overused a few years back.

Pappy/Pappi: Shorthand nickname for Avalanche forward P.A. Parenteau.

Penis McNabb: Google it.  Just not at work.

Phadouche: The MHH pet name for Flames Maple Leafs defenseman and major asshole Dion Phaneuf. His drink of choice is Doucherade, which is officially endorsed by both him and Steve Ott. The first official use of Phadouche was in this game thread.

Pimp Cane: Former Avalanche goalie Jose Theodore. Coined in response to this photo that appeared in the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News, linked first in this comment by member Mike (Avs Fan). The Pimp Cane moniker became a term of endearment during the 2008 first-round playoff series against the Minnesota Wild, in which Theodore played like a total badass and the Avs won four games to two.

Radar: Ryan O'Reilly. The nickname is an homage to the youthful, nerdy MASH character Radar O'Reilly. Had player O'Reilly's first name not started with the letter R, the nickname (attached by David Driscoll-Carignan here) never would have stuck.

Redacted: He who will not be named.

Red Wing Dave: Former MHH managing editor David Driscoll-Carignan, because he picks Red Wings players to fill his fantasy hockey rosters like some kind of dirty traitor.

Road Runner: Former Colorado defenseman Kyle Cumiskey (coined in this thread). His ridiculous speed on the ice has sparked other nicknames, including Wheels, but when Cumiskey makes a good play or scores a goal, "Meep, Meep" was an appropriate comment to make.

ROB: Ryan O'Byrne, self explanatory. See also: Snatch.

Roykic: The holy amalgamation of VP's Sakic and Roy

RPM Line: While Ryan Smyth was still with the Colorado Avalanche, he frequently appeared on a successful line with Paul Stastny and Milan Hejduk. Ryan, Paul, Milan = RPM. Get it? The line's potency and ability to overpower opposing players made the name all the more fitting. The name was first suggested here and later made official here.

Rusty: Ruslan Salei.

Saint Patrick: Patrick Roy, so named for his heavenly puck-stopping abilities during his playing days, though not for his fiery personality. This nickname predates Mile High Hockey (as does Roy's entire career), but gained so much traction that the Avalanche even put out official merchandise featuring the moniker. Also common: Brick Roy, a play on the French pronunciation ("Wah") of his last name.

Sami: Shorthand for Avalanche goalie prospect Sami Aittokallio.

ShamWow: Former Avalanche player Darcy Tucker. During the 2008-09 season, Tucker sucked tremendously. What else sucks tremendously? The ShamWow towel/sponge as made famous by Offer "Vince" Shlomi in this commercial. The meme began in this thread with this picture created by member Americanario. See also: Slap Chop.

Sherminator: Greg Sherman

Silent JayJay McClement.

Slap Chop: Also Darcy Tucker. During the 2009-10 season, Tucker sucked far less frequently than the previous year. In fact, he was periodically awesome (when not injured). What else is awesome? The Slap Chop chopper also made famous by Vince in this commercial. You're gonna love my nuts.

Slap Fight: The combo of Duchene and O'Reilly. Sometimes journalist Mike Chambers opined that Avalanche forwards Matt Duchene and Ryan O'Reilly harbored some ill will or hurt feelings for each other stemming from O'Reilly's holdout and offer sheet signing in the early part of the shortened 2013 NHL season. The MHH faithful got a good chuckle out of the mental image of them having locker room fights as a result. Imagine the fun when O'Reilly was moved to Duchene's wing for the 2013-2014 season!! Hence the name for the duo. Also: Slap Fight + Downie and SlapFight Stevedescribe the Duchene/O'Reilly/Downie line that burst out of the gate in 2013.

Snatch: This is also Ryan O'Byrne, to get the full story of how it started you can go here. Ryan got into a bit of trouble during a rookie night when he, allegedly, stole a women's purse to protect a teammate. The lady had compromising pictures of his teammate of her cellphone and ROB was trying to delete the images.

SOB: Shane O`Brien

Son of Stastny: Paul Stastny. Paul is the son of former Quebec Nordiques superstar and Hall of Fame player Peter Stastny. Also appears as SoS orSOS for short.

Square Peg: Jay McClement, as coined by the Avalanche beat writer Adrian Dater.

Stats/ Stazz : Paul Stastny.

The Structure: The salary-based reason we suck and/or can't afford big name FA's depending on the situation.

SUXXORS: Mostly originally used for Peter Budaj to poke fun at all the Budaj haters out there, but it's also been used for Duchene (send him back to juniorz!) and Stastny. It might be sarcasm.

Super Joe: A popular, widely-used nickname for legendary Avalanche captain and VP of Hockey Operations Joe Sakic.

Svats: Former Avalanche player and flash-in-the-pan Marek Svatos. Also, Svats Machine.

Tangs/Tanger: Longtime nicknames for the recently returned Alex Tanguay.

Tyfan Barriott: When Tyson Barrie and Stefan Elliott were both prospects in the Avs system, they were somewhat interchangeable for a time.