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Official MHH Member Guidelines

Below are a list of guidelines (see also: rules) that all members of Mile High Hockey should adhere to when creating FanPosts, FanShots and posting comments. They are in place to prevent the creation of a hostile blog environment.

Members who ignore these guidelines will be subject to scorn, stern warnings, and ultimately the Ban Hammer.

MHH editors Joe Dunman and David Driscoll-Carignan are the ultimate interpreters of what consitutes a violation of the guidelines and the appropriate form of justice to be administered.


1. Racism and homophobia are not tolerated. Any use of hateful language or derogatory terms are inappropriate and highly discouraged. Even if the intent is sarcasm or humor, it's best to try another method of getting laughs.

2. Trolling is not tolerated. If the only apparent purpose of a comment or post is to incite a hostile argument or annoy others, it will be deleted and the author banned. Fans of opposing teams are welcome in all MHH game threads, but should do their best to be polite, playful, and most of all, funny.

3. Political and religious discussions are discouraged. This is a community for hockey fans to talk about hockey. Polite, civil conversations on other topics are allowed, but remember, there are lots of other blogs in the world where non-hockey discussions would be more appropriate.

4. Sarcasm is the norm, so turn your internal sarcasm meter to 11 when reading and posting comments at MHH.

5. Naughty language (like shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits) is discouraged but certainly not prohibited. The general rule is to keep things clean unless going dirty would be much, much funnier.


7. Photos of scantily-clad women are not welcome in the comments of any front page posts on Mile High Hockey. This includes game threads. If a post is on the front page, the contents of the comments should be as "Work Safe" as possible. Written sexual innuendo is allowed but should be kept as subtle as possible.

8. Photos of scantily-clad women and foul language are absolutely welcome in the contents and/or comments of FanPosts. One caveat, however, is that the titles of such FanPosts should include "NSFW" (not safe for work) to ensure that people don't stumble upon them unaware of the content.