Tyler Bertuzzi gets two-game ban for altercation with Matt Calvert

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the broader family tree, it seems, when it comes to the NHL’s Bertuzzi clan.

Detroit Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi, nephew of infamous former NHLer Todd Bertuzzi, earned himself a two-game ban following an altercation during Detroit’s matchup against the Colorado Avalanche on Sunday evening.

Bertuzzi was awarded the ban for what was deemed both roughing and unsportsmanlike conduct, following his delivery of an uppercut punch to Colorado forward Matt Calvert’s jaw while Calvert was being held back against the benches by Red Wings teammate Dylan Larkin.

Calvert was initially driven into the boards by veteran Detroit blue liner Mike Green — and once he was pinned along the half-wall by the Detroit bench, Larkin, Michael Rasmussen, and Bertuzzi all grabbed Calvert’s stick and held him there.

When Calvert tried to skate away, Larkin held the stick, and the trio of Red Wings players got chippy with Calvert before Bertuzzi delivered the punch that earned him the ban.

For those who missed the incident, here’s the full video:

Drafted 58th overall by the Red Wings in 2013, Bertuzzi has been reasonably serviceable for the Atlantic Division team this year. He’s managed to rack up nine goals and sixteen points, good for fourth in scoring on the surprisingly resurgent roster.

Clearly, though, he’s still got a temper.


That's fair.

If he pulls this kind of thing again or like the slash to the knee on Clutterbuck last year, they can hit him harder as a repeat offender.

I love how Detroit fans call Calvert’s pushing on the stick spearing when the blade of the stick is clearly visible behind Bertuzzi the whole time. Rubbing two sticks together (in this case a hockey stick and a dipstick) may start a fire, but it isn’t spearing.

Calvert has every fight to slam his stick into that dipshit. He was off the ice holding his blade. Matt should have aimed for his face.

Next time.

Even if it was spearing, Calvert was being held back by the players on Detroit’s bench. It was straight-up stupidity on Bertuzzi’s part to punch him in the face when it wasn’t a fair fight. Shoving around a bit probably gets a free pass, but he had to have known it was going to be a suspension as soon as he did it.

Craziest part is that he’s third on the team in goals, so he only hurts his own teammates here.

The craziest part was that there wasn’t a call at the time or a bigger suspension, both things.

Not enough

Should have been more games. And also for the guys holding him there. I guess like his uncle, when you have no talent, you need to play dirty.
It was interesting to see all those die-hard Wings fans dressed as empty seats. They still giving away cars to get people to come watch?

The real kicker is that both of them do have talent. High-end scoring power forward on Todd’s part and a net-front energy scoring forward on Tyler’s part. There’s easily a role on the ice for them without sucker punches.

i was going to say something abou that...

as much as i don’t like todd bertuzzi, he was a .66 point per game player. plus he added a physical presence, which, other than the incident, most fans appreciate.


I’ve got a feeling this turd is going to be a less talented Tkachuk


Not enough.

Look forward to the rematch when Z splatters some of his brain matter into the stantion that separates the benches. A little but Draper style.

he’ll get much more than two games for that.

Z is sneaky enough to do it legally.

Sometimes guys are just in the wrong place at the right time. Lights out.

That would be idiotic

But it sure would feel good.

And teach this douche canoe a lesson.

Would it though? Wouldn’t it feel crappy that one of the team’s regulars is serving a suspension?

Off subject!

Cale Makar and UMass no. 1!

weren’t they terrible just a few years ago?

Yep, Makar was a part of the best freshman class theyve ever had


great gif….

nhl channel’s take

i was watching NHL Tonight prior to any of the games last night and one of the topics was this incident. The guy leading the discussion (forget his name) went on a three minute rant about how he felt the suspension is completely unwarranted and Bertuzzi shouldn’t have received any disciplinary action whatsoever.

His reasoning? "The bench is sacred ground", thus by "hanging around Detroit’s bench", Calvert should have fully expected any and all actions conducted by the wings players. He furthermore went onto state that it was Calvert’s fault for getting punched in the face because once his stick was grabbed he had "every opportunity" to simply let go of the stick and skate away.

Freakin’ genius reasoning if i’ve ever heard it. Lol. People are ridiculous.

gold. didn’t he hang around the bench because his stick was being held? i get that he could have simply let go of his stick, but i doubt that is in a hockey player’s nature unless the stick is broken. i’m interested- who was this nhl tonight commentator? i can honestly say, if i saw an avs player on the bench drop his glove and punch an opponent, even if it was a dead thing, mild or cafuck, i could have enough perspective to see that a suspension is warranted. especially if said player was being held by two other players.

kevin weekes

…is the commentator who went on about it. And the whole reason Calvert was near the bench in the first place was ‘cuz he took a hit by Mike Green, which was followed by Larkin, Bertuzzi, & other deadthings grabbing his stick.

I’d have to agree that it’s not in an NHL players’ DNA to just let a stick go in any game, let alone a super heated and increasingly violent one like the detroit one. Calvert had every right to poke it back towards those players in anger after he repeatedly tried to pull it back away.

The biggest problem here is that you were watching NHL Tonight


…i was bored, lol.

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